The Final Round of Speakers

We are pleased to announce the final round of confirmed speakers for WordCamp Toronto 2016:

Brian Rotsztein

BrianRotsztein image

As an experienced Internet marketing entrepreneur, content creator, consultant, speaker, and author, Brian has spent much of the past two decades helping companies excel on the Internet. His latest book, Content Marketing Ideas, is a complete guide to content creation, has been highly praised by critics and is rated five stars on Amazon. His love affair with WordPress began in 2005 when he started with version 1.6!

Jai Sangha

Jai Sangha image

I write weekly posts for two eCommerce blogs – (focused on WordPress eCommerce), and (focused on Shopify). This includes plugin reviews, marketing and shop tips, how-to articles, and other eCommerce topics. I also work in the digital strategy team at TD Bank, and do freelance web strategy. Outside of work, I like to try new things – tried snowmobiling and drove a NASCAR so far this year.

Charm Fernandez

charmfernandez image

I am a Web Strategist & Developer helping business owners be seen online at the same time have a full functioning online systems. I am a Google Analytics Certified Individual, AmbitionAlly Certified Partner and an ITIL Certified Expert.

Seth Alling

Seth Alling image

Seth Alling is a Detroit-based developer turned designer turned developer, who has been working with WordPress since 2009 and currently works as the Lead Developer for Ranch House Designs. When he’s not developing (or designing), you can find him running, playing soccer or spending time with his wife and sons.

David Mackey

David Mackey image

David is a Digital Marketing Consultant based in Ottawa. He has 25+ years experience of building and supporting multi-tiered server applications and telecommunication systems. His recent programming experience includes four years of working with WordPress. He is excited to share what he knows about the Yoast SEO Plugin, and how you can use it to attract more traffic to your website.

Tom Auger

Tom Auger image

I’m actively involved in the WordPress community – both at a local level through co-organizing WordCamp Toronto, and monthly core hackfests through the Toronto WordPress Meetup Group, and at the global level by speaking at WordCamps, contributing to the Codex, and through my involvement with the core development process. I continue to try to find opportunities to contribute whenever my busy project schedule (and family life) allow!

Jesse Emmanuel Rosario

Jem Rosario image

Jem is User Experience designer who specializes in building insightful, creative and usable digital experiences. A journalist in a previous life, he came to digital media after discovering its innovative storytelling techniques and how it delivers immersive experiences across platforms, languages, and devices. He is a User Experience Specialist with Analytical Engine Interactive, a Toronto-based UX and Content Strategy consultancy, where he solves unique UX puzzles to deliver digital experiences that users love.

William M. Riley

Wiliam M Riley image

I’m Will! I have about 3 years coding WordPress sites at a couple different design agencies, and now I’m working on improving the tool I’ve used during that time – Flywheel. I’m a full-stack developer and I love making user experiences that just completely rock.

Florian Gottschall

Florian Gottschall image


I am in video business more than 15 years and my team is developing a video editor plugin for WordPress these days.

Daniel Kanchev

Daniel Kanchev image


WordPress Expert @SiteGround web hosting, VIP/Enterprise clients manager, WordPress security/performance specialist.

Rick Radko

Rick Radko image

Rick is a php coder, WordPress guru, website and app developer/designer and tech trainer. He is as comfortable talking to beginners in plain English as he is talking geek speak to developers. At <a href=””>R-Cubed Design Forge</a>, Rick develops custom plugins, themes, multilingual websites and mobile apps. Rick is a WordCamp Ottawa organizer and Ottawa WordPress Meetup organizer.

Bryan Cady

Bryan Cady image

Ex-CNNer who left news after 18 years and moved into WordPress web design and created the company, Listen to the Wind Media. I’m happiest when I am riding my motorcycle and working on websites while on the road.

Mendel Kurland

Mendel Kurland image


Hey there, I’m Mendel, an intrapreneurial change-maker, developer, speaker, and teacher. More here

Ian Edington

Ian Edington image

Dev and BizDev building a startup in medical education.


Meet Our Second Round of Speakers

The following people agreed to donate their valuable time to share their knowledge & expertise with us at WordCamp Toronto 2016. Our organizing team want to thank them all for helping us make this WCTO16 the best conference ever!

Without further ado & with no particular order meet our second round of confirmed speakers:

Rebecca Gill

Rebecca Gill imageRebecca is founder and president of Web Savvy Marketing. She has as a well-rounded business background within SMB and enterprise organizations, as well as over fifteen years of experience in sales and online marketing. She provides one-on-one SEO coaching, teaches group on-site boot camps, and speaks at various WordCamps throughout the country.

Billy Gregory

Billy Gregory imageBilly Gregory is an accessibility professional and Sr. Accessibility Engineer with The Paciello Group. As a former front-end developer, Billy can relate to many of the challenges and the apprehension faced by developers who are new to accessibility. He enjoys working with developers of all levels of experience to strengthen their skills and understanding of accessibility. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Billy is active in the Accessibility Community as an advocate, practitioner, and public speaker. He is co-organizer of both Accessibility Camp Toronto and it’s monthly meet-up group.

Cory Miller

Cory Miller image


Founder of / 10+ years in WordPress / Co-Author of WordPress All-in-One for Dummies.


Christina Varro

Christina Varro imageChristina owns and operates a creative design and commercial photography studio called Varro Creative based in Calgary. She has over 15 years of experience in graphic and web design, and has primarily focused on WordPress based projects for her web clients for the past 6 years. She is new to speaking at WordCamp, and recently gave her first talk at WordCamp Calgary. She is excited to collaborate and share knowledge with others in the WordPress community.

Dustin Meza

Dustin Meza imageDustin Meza is the Director of Customer Experience Operations at WP Engine. He has been in the hosting industry for 7 years and has been with WP Engine for 3 years. At WP Engine, Dustin oversees many aspects of the WordPress platform including WordPress upgrades for over 100,000 WordPress installs. Outside of WordPress, Dustin loves being outdoors in Nashville with his wife Megan, and black lab, Maddy. He enjoys all kinds of sports, both watching and playing, and has been known to play some video games when time allows.

Tamara MacDuff

Tamara MacDuff imageI am the owner of Web Moxie Media, where I assist business owners in social media strategies and content strategies to grow their business and increase their online influence. My tactics revolve around SEO as a strategy, Social Media & Blogging, and Content Creation and Curation for their specific business, market and buyers. I use Yoast SEO and All In One SEO plugins on WordPress.

Paul Bearne
Paul Bearne imagePaul Bearne is a freelance senior WordPress full stack developer. He discovered WordPress in 2006 when asked to explore the use of collaborative tools internally for a multinational corporation, setting up a 200+ multi-blog site using WPMU on IIS7. As part of this project, he created his first plugin, Author Avatars, ( ), which now has 10,000+ active installs. Paul has made core commits in 3.9, 4.0, 4.2, 4.4, 4.5 and 4.6, leads the virtual bi-weekly meetup, Contrib2Core & is a WordCamp Toronto 2016 Co-Organizer.

Lauren Jeffcoat

Lauren Jeffcoat imageI have been building WordPress websites for over seven years and currently am part of the OnTheGoSystems WPML Customer Support team. I love building WordPress websites and have worn many hats in the world of web development including Project Manager, Customer Service Representative, Account Strategist, and Web Designer. Originally from Massachusetts USA, I now live in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, USA. I enjoy sharing my knowledge along with tips and tricks that I have learned either through furthering my education or personal experience.

Anthony D Paul

Anthony D Paul imageI help build great digital experiences and software through usability research, IA concepts, and prototypes. Outside the office, you’ll find me spread across regional meetups and conferences—evangelizing IA/UX, accessibility, and a variety of open source dev projects. When I’m not doing responsible adult things, I grow the world’s hottest chili peppers and bottle my own hot sauce. I’d divulge something funny from my past, but these days the Internet does a better job of surfacing our embarrassing moments; find me anywhere by Googling “anthonydpaul”.

Mikel King

Mikel King image20+yr Technology Leader, Public Speaker, Columnist, USCG Veteran, Brewer of beer, Coffee Evangelist – Director of WordPress Development at Reader’s Digest.

Shawn Hooper

Shawn Hooper imageShawn Hooper is the CTO at Actionable Books, where he enjoys combining code and data to build intelligent tools for teams and leaders. Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Shawn has been building web applications since the late 90s, with a focus on WordPress since 2011. As a freelance developer, he has built sites for clients in the public and private sectors in both Canada and United States. He loves making use of great 3rd party APIs, promoting web accessibility and secure coding practices.

Laurie M. Rauch

Laurie M. Rauch imageI run Code Diva, which specializes in WordPress theme development and coaching, and I teach Advanced Web Design at Sheridan College.

Andy McIlwain

Andy McIlwain imageAndy is a longtime WordPress advocate and former organizer of the Toronto WordPress meetup group and WordCamp Toronto. He’s passionate about content marketing, community management, and most importantly, helping small businesses succeed online.

Thiago Loureiro

Thiago Loureiro imageDo-it all developer working at Art & Science Toronto.

Vova Feldman

Vova Feldman imageI’m a serial entrepreneur and full-stack developer who loves to turn dreams into reality. Passionate about helping fellow plugin developers to become more data-driven and making a living working on plugins with Freemius. I co-founded @Freemius, @RatingWidget and @SenexxInc.

Jeseph Meyers

Jeseph Meyers imageI am a digital marketing professional from Buffalo, NY – specializing in WordPress and SEO.

Say Hello To Our First Round of Speakers

The deadline to send us your speaker application ended yesterday, June 30th and we want to thank all of you who took the time and submitted the application.

Because an overwhelming number of talks has been submitted, we are still reviewing it, but you might expect the schedule published on our website very soon.

Until then, without further ado & with no particular order we are pleased to announce the first round of accepted speakers who will share their extensive knowledge and experience with us at WordCamp Toronto 2016:

Meagan Hanes

Megan Hanes imageCoder, speaker, teacher – Meagan does it all! Lead-Organizer of WordCamp Ottawa 2016 and the Ottawa + Arnprior WordPress Meetups. Providing freelance solutions for businesses of all sizes since 2000.

David Vogelpohl

David Vogelpohl imageDavid Vogelpohl is the Vice President of Web Strategy at WP Engine, a premium managed WordPress host designed for speed and reliability. Since 1996, David has been managing web development and online marketing efforts in support of a wide range of business and billing models. David is an avid contributor to the WordPress business community.

Tracy Apps

Tracy Apps image

I solve creative problems with the great folks at Cornershop Creative. As the designer for a small distributed team I get to not only do design but be a part of strategy, user testing and even coding things out in custom WordPress solutions.

John Eckman

John Eckman imageI am CEO at 10up and one of the founding organizers of WordCamp Boston. I’ve developed a number of miscellaneous things including some Drupal modules and WordPress plugins, the most visible of which is probably WPBook.

Alan Lok

Alan Lok imageAlan Lok is the owner of WirelessLinx Inc., a consulting company in the GTA area that helps with website development (WordPress, Joomla, Liferay) and stack performance tuning/analysis. He also manages the DevOps team at Mercatus Technologies and have been in most development roles in the past.

Michelle Ames

Michelle Ames imageMichelle is the owner and marketing diva at Marketed by Michelle, where her primary goal is to reach success by helping her clients achieve their highest success. Michelle is the organizer of the Rochester area WordPress user group, organizer of WordCamp Buffalo 2016, and Lead Organizer of WordCamp Rochester 2016.

Brian Messenlehner

Brian Messenlehner imageBrian Messenlehner is a Co-Founder & CTO of WebDevStudios. Brian enjoys learning about new technology and believes open source software like WordPress is the key to successful cost effective web solutions in any situation.

Michelle Arbore

Michelle Arbore image

I am the owner of Savvy Social Media where my company offers social media creation, management and coaching to entrepreneurs and small businesses. On a personal note, I have been married for 10 years and have a 5 year old boy.

Jacques Surveyer

Jacques Surveyer imageA full stack WordPress designer and developer with a mean mentoring streak. I really enjoy learning myself and helping others to understand how WordPress has become the Web Tool for the Rest of Us. I lead the Toronto WordPress Group Meetup | West Edition.

Adam W. Warner

Adam W. Warner imageAdam W. Warner discovered WordPress in 2005 and has been working within the community ever since. To feed his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded several WordPress-focused businesses that provide education, plugins and consulting services for online business owners. He is a true WordPress Evangelist in spirit and personality, and that also happens to be his job title with

Taras Mankovski

Taras Mankovski image

I am a developer at NewClarity LLC & Founder of WRKTG Inc & I’m known in the Ember.js community as the EmberSherpa.


Cesar Abeid

Cesar Abeid image

Happiness Engineer at Automattic, Project Management Professional®, Podcaster


Ting Yang

Ting Yang image

A girl who is addicted to programming. She is a software developer that spends most of her time fueling APIs with IPAs and avid contributor to open source projects. Ting is a WordCamp Toronto 2016 Co-Organizer.

Hector Jarquin

Hector Jarquin image As front-end developer Hector ensures that the projects that he is involved follow accessibility and web standards. At work… communication (content, graphics and interfaces) accessed via multiple devices and channels. When free… travel, food, adventure and vintage stuff. Hector is a WordCamp Toronto 2016 Co-Organizer.



Only 2 Weeks Left to Apply to Speak at WordCamp Toronto 2016

Matt M at 2015WordCampUS

Just a friendly remainder that it’s only 2 weeks left to apply to speak at WordCamp Toronto 2016!

So far we have received a large number of applications from amazing people from within the WordPress community!

We want to thank everybody that have sent us their applications-YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!

If you still haven’t heard back from us, don’t worry, we are still reviewing the applications, but we will reply to each and every one of you!

For the rest of the great folks, what are you waiting for? Apply now, teach somebody something new & help us make this the best event ever!

Call for Speakers for WordCamp Toronto 2016

Call for speakers for WCTO 2016 is officially open!

If you have a passion and knowledge about WordPress and you know how to engage the audience, we want you!

The agenda for this year will be focused on JavaScript, REST API & JSON. However, we will have several tracks, like always, so if you have a topic worth sharing for beginners, developers or designers, please submit the speaker application form.

Here are few tips to stand out from the crowd when submitting the talks:

Put a new spin on old talks.
Explain what you learned while solving a problem.
Take the form of a case study, or a live or scripted example.
Tell us what is new and exciting on the horizon for WordPress users & developers.
Teach us something new.

We strongly believe that WordPress connects people so whether you are a developer, designer, small business owner or owner/employee of a large company that rely on WordPress, if you feel that your story will benefit the community, we want to hear your ideas!

The deadline to submit the speaker application is June 30th @ midnight. Get yours in soon or check out our Become A Speaker page to learn more about it!