Organizing Your First Website Usability Test

Session Description

You’ve built a shiny, new WordPress site. You asked your co-worker and your boss if they like it and they both do. However, you’re lying awake at night wondering if you’re missing something—because you know you’re not the end user. You yearn for actionable feedback. In this talk, I’ll distill my background in usability research into a how-to framework for taking your site and conducting your first unmoderated usability test. I’ll cover why and when you should be running usability tests; how to set research goals and draft a script for them; setting up your lab environment and capturing feedback; and best practices for facilitation, minimizing bias, keeping users on task and gleaning the most from each brief test.

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will walk away with enough information to discuss the value of usability testing with decision-makers, as well as a tactical foundation for organizing and running their own usability study.

User level

All attendees are welcome to come to this session but the ones that will likely benefit the most are beginner & intermediate developers.


No prerequisites required to attend this session. Just bring your laptop, your smile & willingness to learn!