Unlocking the Awesome Magical Power of MU-Plugins

Session Description

I plan on demonstrating a key concept we use on rd.com of building a foundation around an MU Plugin and extending these in different directions as needed. I intend to demonstrate how we use advance object oriented coding practices to reuse code blocks under the DRY method. I will even do a live demonstration and build a new plugin based on the mu plugin, up through git, and all the layers of code quality enforcement using phpcs and phpunit finally push new plugin via Jenkins deployment/build system to a working environment. This is a complete plugin development using advance PHP OOP inheritance next level techniques. Note; I will have a backup video in case the live demo proves problematic.

Learning Outcomes

* Advance OOP PHP next level tecniques
* How to create a library of MU Plugins
* How to use the library to build a regular plugin (or theme)
* How to build like a pro with Jenkins, PHPcs & PHPUnit

User level

All attendees are welcome to come to this session but the ones that will likely benefit the most are beginner, intermediate & advanced developers.


The technical knowledge required to understand this session is to know the Plugin API, basic PHP OOP concepts.