Sponsor Spotlight Post – Hover

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What is Hover?

Hover is a Toronto-based domain name provider that makes finding, buying and managing domains as simple as possible. 

As much as we love domain names, however, we understand that not everyone thinks about them every day like us (shocking, right?). That’s why we don’t complicate the process with confusing upsells, and focus on things you actually want like providing awesome support — including phone support without any annoying phone trees.

Tell us an interesting and/or funny story about Hover & WordPress

A few months ago, we published a blog post called “10 Easy Touch-Ups To Improve Your Design Website.” One of the recommendations listed was to always check your spelling and grammar…and wouldn’t you know it, for tip #3 we accidentally wrote “reall” instead of “really.” Oh, the irony! Luckily, one of our readers quickly pointed this out in the comments section (through our Disqus plugin), and WordPress enabled us to swiftly fix the typo before too many other people noticed this mistake. Although, writing about it now probably isn’t going to help too much towards keeping the mistake under the radar

What would you recommend to the attendees of WCTO16?

Besides saying hi to us at the Hover table? Check out Brian Rotsztein’s talk if you’re able to. We recently attended WordCamp Montreal and saw his talk there, and he certainly has some interesting ways of finding unique content to write about!