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Another weekend of WordPress is behind us and we want to thank all our speakers, sponsors, volunteers, organizers & attendees for another awesome WordCamp Toronto. This year we managed to connect several IT communities in Toronto by having speakers from a11y community (Billy Gregory), devto community (Henri-R Brisard) & Ember community (Taras Mankovski). Also, besides having speakers coming from all over Canada & US, we had 2 speakers from Europe, too – Florian Gottschall from Germany & Daniel Kanchev from Bulgaria. We are very proud we have achieved this as we wanted to show that WordPress connects people from all over the world & across IT communities. Another first this year for WordCamp Toronto was having several workshops (without purchasing an additional ticket) where people had the opportunity to learn WordPress hands-on.

How did we do?

Because we want to continue improving our WordCamp we are very interested in what you have to say about WordCamp Toronto 2016. We have created a short, 5 minutes survey where you can tell us about your experience with WCTO16 and help us improve it in the future. The results will be posted on our website.

What’s next?

Thanks to Ted Rogers School Of Management, Ryerson University

This was our first year at TRSM and we want to thank them for being the marvelous host.

Thanks to our Sponsors

A huge thanks to all our wonderful sponsors:

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See you all next year and don’t forget

Sponsor Spotlight Post – Hover

hover logo

What is Hover?

Hover is a Toronto-based domain name provider that makes finding, buying and managing domains as simple as possible. 

As much as we love domain names, however, we understand that not everyone thinks about them every day like us (shocking, right?). That’s why we don’t complicate the process with confusing upsells, and focus on things you actually want like providing awesome support — including phone support without any annoying phone trees.

Tell us an interesting and/or funny story about Hover & WordPress

A few months ago, we published a blog post called “10 Easy Touch-Ups To Improve Your Design Website.” One of the recommendations listed was to always check your spelling and grammar…and wouldn’t you know it, for tip #3 we accidentally wrote “reall” instead of “really.” Oh, the irony! Luckily, one of our readers quickly pointed this out in the comments section (through our Disqus plugin), and WordPress enabled us to swiftly fix the typo before too many other people noticed this mistake. Although, writing about it now probably isn’t going to help too much towards keeping the mistake under the radar

What would you recommend to the attendees of WCTO16?

Besides saying hi to us at the Hover table? Check out Brian Rotsztein’s talk if you’re able to. We recently attended WordCamp Montreal and saw his talk there, and he certainly has some interesting ways of finding unique content to write about!

The Final Round of Speakers

We are pleased to announce the final round of confirmed speakers for WordCamp Toronto 2016:

Brian Rotsztein

BrianRotsztein image

As an experienced Internet marketing entrepreneur, content creator, consultant, speaker, and author, Brian has spent much of the past two decades helping companies excel on the Internet. His latest book, Content Marketing Ideas, is a complete guide to content creation, has been highly praised by critics and is rated five stars on Amazon. His love affair with WordPress began in 2005 when he started with version 1.6!

Jai Sangha

Jai Sangha image

I write weekly posts for two eCommerce blogs – (focused on WordPress eCommerce), and (focused on Shopify). This includes plugin reviews, marketing and shop tips, how-to articles, and other eCommerce topics. I also work in the digital strategy team at TD Bank, and do freelance web strategy. Outside of work, I like to try new things – tried snowmobiling and drove a NASCAR so far this year.

Charm Fernandez

charmfernandez image

I am a Web Strategist & Developer helping business owners be seen online at the same time have a full functioning online systems. I am a Google Analytics Certified Individual, AmbitionAlly Certified Partner and an ITIL Certified Expert.

Seth Alling

Seth Alling image

Seth Alling is a Detroit-based developer turned designer turned developer, who has been working with WordPress since 2009 and currently works as the Lead Developer for Ranch House Designs. When he’s not developing (or designing), you can find him running, playing soccer or spending time with his wife and sons.

David Mackey

David Mackey image

David is a Digital Marketing Consultant based in Ottawa. He has 25+ years experience of building and supporting multi-tiered server applications and telecommunication systems. His recent programming experience includes four years of working with WordPress. He is excited to share what he knows about the Yoast SEO Plugin, and how you can use it to attract more traffic to your website.

Tom Auger

Tom Auger image

I’m actively involved in the WordPress community – both at a local level through co-organizing WordCamp Toronto, and monthly core hackfests through the Toronto WordPress Meetup Group, and at the global level by speaking at WordCamps, contributing to the Codex, and through my involvement with the core development process. I continue to try to find opportunities to contribute whenever my busy project schedule (and family life) allow!

Jesse Emmanuel Rosario

Jem Rosario image

Jem is User Experience designer who specializes in building insightful, creative and usable digital experiences. A journalist in a previous life, he came to digital media after discovering its innovative storytelling techniques and how it delivers immersive experiences across platforms, languages, and devices. He is a User Experience Specialist with Analytical Engine Interactive, a Toronto-based UX and Content Strategy consultancy, where he solves unique UX puzzles to deliver digital experiences that users love.

William M. Riley

Wiliam M Riley image

I’m Will! I have about 3 years coding WordPress sites at a couple different design agencies, and now I’m working on improving the tool I’ve used during that time – Flywheel. I’m a full-stack developer and I love making user experiences that just completely rock.

Florian Gottschall

Florian Gottschall image


I am in video business more than 15 years and my team is developing a video editor plugin for WordPress these days.

Daniel Kanchev

Daniel Kanchev image


WordPress Expert @SiteGround web hosting, VIP/Enterprise clients manager, WordPress security/performance specialist.

Rick Radko

Rick Radko image

Rick is a php coder, WordPress guru, website and app developer/designer and tech trainer. He is as comfortable talking to beginners in plain English as he is talking geek speak to developers. At <a href=””>R-Cubed Design Forge</a>, Rick develops custom plugins, themes, multilingual websites and mobile apps. Rick is a WordCamp Ottawa organizer and Ottawa WordPress Meetup organizer.

Bryan Cady

Bryan Cady image

Ex-CNNer who left news after 18 years and moved into WordPress web design and created the company, Listen to the Wind Media. I’m happiest when I am riding my motorcycle and working on websites while on the road.

Mendel Kurland

Mendel Kurland image


Hey there, I’m Mendel, an intrapreneurial change-maker, developer, speaker, and teacher. More here

Ian Edington

Ian Edington image

Dev and BizDev building a startup in medical education.